Apple 1 Parts

Obtaining parts to build a physical replica of an Apple 1 turns out to be much harder (and more costly) than finding the parts for the Apple II rev 0 replica.  Other than sockets and resistors and capacitors, most of the parts of the Apple 1 can not be found at usual sources for current production parts like mouser or digikey.  However,  Unicorn Electronics stocks most of the 74xx series parts and a number of the others at very reasonable prices.   Here are a couple of other vendors that are worth checking for obsolete parts.

BG micro

I have found that many of out of production parts that Unicorn doesn't have, must be purchased from specialists in obsolete and recycled chips.   With those dealers, stock varies considerably.  Prices are even more variable and expect to purchase a minimum amount per order or even item  (often $200).  These companies are used to dealing with businesses, so will often ask for a purchase order.  Once you have determined that a vendor has the parts you need at a price you can afford, they may next ask for a PO.  Just write up a one page document that shows who you are, who they are and what you want and fax it to them.

Also, when estimating the cost of your A1 clone project, don't forget to factor in the cost of shipping.  You may have to deal with 10 or 12 different vendors to find all the parts you need and shipping from all those separate dealers may cost you a hundred dollars or more.

In a few cases, while procuring parts for my kits, I have purchased a vendors entire stock of a hard to find part.   At some point, once I feel that I have satisfied the immediate demand for A1 kits,  I will likely offer up limited quantities of extra stock of these hard to find components to Apple 1 owners.  Since the cost of obtaining these parts is high and the dependibility of the supply chain is non-existant, be forwarned that I will be asking premium prices for these parts.  I recommend that you try to find parts elsewhere, before coming to me.

Here is link to an Apple 1 Bill of Materials that will give you an idea of the cost of tackling such a project (not including the PCB).  

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