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1st Annual Commute to Work by Bicycle Day

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Finished my first annual commute to work by bicycle event today. I’ve done this in the past, but never to a workplace so far away from home.

Due to the number of busy roads around here, I carefully planned the route ahead of time in order to minimize traffic. The resulting google directions took 3 pages, not counting the useless map.

I left for work shortly after 7:00AM. I got lost twice on back roads I’ve never been on before. Saw a big doe along the way. Next time I’ll see if I can avoid planning commuting routes on roads named “Hill Road” and “Crestview Road”, especially near the end of the ride. Altogether it took 3 hours to travel the 26 miles. Arrived at work after 10:00AM.

I decided to leave at 4:00 in order to make sure I got home before darkness. Even though I bonk’d with 6 or 7 miles to go, getting home only took 2.5 hours and there was plenty of daylight left.

All in all a great day, but due to the time involved and resulting shortened work day, I will not be able to repeat this effort very often -I think once a year is about it.

Datanetics Keyboard Replica Progress

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Still working on this one in my spare time. Just completed drawings (not to scale) for the brackets.

Datanetics Keyboard Stiffeners

Layout is coming along also. I have smoothed out the traces on the top and am working on the bottom. Also spent a lot of time working on hole sizes. It is surprising how important this is to a good replica and how long it takes to measure the various holes in a PCB.

Apple command line to AIFF sound file converter

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


I have just posted my latest hack. This is a small C program that will convert an Apple Command Line file to AIF format. This AIF format file can easily moved to an iPod and be used to load your Apple 1 through the Apple Cassette Interface.

The program and more information can be found here:

In case you are wondering, an example Apple command line format file might look like this:

0: A9 00 AA 20 EF FF E8 8A
: 4C 02 00

New Apple 1 Transformer Case Pictures Posted

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

I just posted pictures of my new PEM (power entry module) on my website.

In my opinion, it looks about 100 times better than the crude wood box I was using before. Plus it is smaller and lighter. Judge for yourself.

new power entry module

new power entry module

old power entry module