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Mind Blowing Apple Add On Update

Friday, January 7th, 2011

This “Apple Add On” project is nearly complete. I have a prototype working, but need to tweak the software a bit. If I had pushed it. and put the Datanetics project aside, I could have completed it prior to Christmas. However, I have a bit of money tied up in the Datanetics PCBs and wanted to recoup at least some of it, before proceeding with another project that included a PCB build. That Datanetics PCB build is one project of mine that will never pay for itself, so don’t expect a rebuild in the future.

I have purchased a few of the more expensive components for the “Apple Add On”, along with some Datanetics parts that I needed. However, I’m not proceeding with the rest of component purchases or PCB build until the remaining 3 Datanetics PCBs are sold. If I can’t sell the remaining Datanetics PCBs via my my blog by the end of the month, I’ll go the eBay route. If you are thinking of waiting for the eBay sale, keep in mind that I will probably raise the price for the eBay sale, to account for added eBay costs. Selling these boards will free up enough “hobby” money to allow me to move on the “Mind Blowing Add On” PCB build.

radial blur

radial blur

I’m anxious to get moving on this, as I think it is a pretty nifty project that will sell for well under a hundred bucks and a lot of Apple enthusiasts will get a kick out of.