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Civil War Olive Green

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Based on some new photoshop experiments, I’m starting to think I was off on my Civil War Carriage Olive Green assessment. Check out my updated page.

Also note that I discovered a new City Point Photo on the National Archives pages.

Napoleon on the ordnance wharf at City Point

Napoleon on the ordnance wharf at City Point

This is listed as at unknown location, but it clearly is taken on the ordnance wharf at City Point. You can even see lettering on the carriage that indicates that it came from Washington Arsenel to City Point. The Library of Congress call number is: LC-B811-2582

A while back I found a photo at the National Archives that was identified as taken at City Point, but was actually taken at Belle Plain. I send an email to the administrators and they said they didn’t have time to verify my assertion and make a change. This item can be found on the National Archives website by searching for ARC identifier 529319.

Mimeo 1 Availability in the Future

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Here is how I currently manage Mimeo 1 kit availability.

  • In order to keep costs down, I restock component parts only when I run low or completely out of parts. Number of kits available, depends upon if I just ran out of some component or another, and how low the inventory is of all the rest of the required components. Keep in mind that there are 69 different component types in a Mimeo, so I’m usually running low on something. I rarely have on hand complete part kits for more than 3 or 4 units at a time. Frequently I’m down to one or two kits of parts on hand. The good news is that most part types can be restocked within a month.
  • Even though the volume of kits sold is very low, this process is very time consuming. Just as bad for me, the effort required is very dependent on the frequency and timing of Mimeo 1 kit purchases. This makes it very hard to make consistent progress on new projects (like the Scelbi).

  • I would love to move to a batch system, but component availability is so erratic for some of the more hard to find components, that often I will jump on an opportunity to buy a cache of those components at a good price. This makes putting together batches of kits hard to do, since the size of inventory of the various component types is all over the map. Instead of making batches, starting next year, I’ll will probably be less aggressive about keeping Mimeo kits available, especially if I’m busy with a new project. So what I’m saying is that starting next year, Mimeo kits are just as likely to be out of stock as in stock. And they may stay out of stock for a while, if I’m busy trying to make progress on a new project.
  • Scelbi 8H/8B- looking for information

    Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

    I’ve been bitten by the Scelbi bug and am working with a small team of folks to seriously investigate the possibilities of doing a limited edition reproduction of the Scelbi 8H and/or 8B.

    Data mining on internet and preliminary “networking” has yielded some good scans of the the main plug in cards, some schematics, scans of the Scelbal manual, etc. However I’m still looking for more information, in particular detailed information on the following.

    1)power supply
    2)TTY interface
    3)cassette interface
    4)the oscilloscope output interface
    4)backplane and I/O connections
    6)differences between the 8H and 8B
    7)ROM cards
    8)main and expansion enclosures

    If you have any information on any of the above, or want to contribute in other ways, let me know.

    While we gather information, I will continue to work on the Mac OS/X 8008/Scelbi emulator. See my recent blog post for information on this emulator.