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8008/Scelbi page added to my website

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Check it out. Most of the relevant stuff from my blog has been put there and more, including a port of the starshooter game from May 1976 Byte Magazine that works in my Scelbi emulator. The original version, as published, lacked input/output drivers.

Scelbi/8008 OS/X Emulator Updated

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Several serious bugs resolved including:

  • A problem with the 8008 subtract instruction that didn’t correct set the carry bit. This prevented Scebal Basic programs from being larger than 256 bytes.
  • Several problems with serial input/output that could cause pasted or typed input and/or output from behaving correctly
  • Max paste buffer size was increased to 4k bytes, in order to allow pasting of complete or at least large portions of BASIC programs directly into the emulator
  • For instructions and download links see my previous post:

    For fun, try booting up Scebal and running this program:

    I’ve also been working on the per cycle emulator so that I can make the emulated toggle switches and leds work correctly.