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Looking for Uncracked John Madden Football for Apple II disk images

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

I recently got a hold of a copy of the game, but the floppy isn’t good, so I need to either reformat and rewrite the old disk or create a new disk. I have the azimov cracked version, but would really like to get a copy of the original version. Note that there is no copy protection on the disk itself – it uses a code wheel to enable play of the game (which is what was hacked out).

Either a hard copy of the disk or a DSK image would be be helpful.

If you have this disk image or know where to get it, send email to:mike

SCELBI update – design sent off for quotes.

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Layouts for for the five boards needed to build a SCELBI 8 H are near final. I’ve done all the design checking using my software as well as cross checking with schematics and I’ve sent gerber files to an online fab house design checker. I’m also getting quotes for pricing.

Just to give you an idea of how much work this has been, I’ve gone through the following approximate number of revisions of each board.

CPU – 81 revisions – this was the first board I started on, so some basic SCELBI things were figured out while doing the work for this board
DBB – 39 revisions
INPUT – 34 revisions
1KSRAM – 35 revisions
Front Panel – 16 revisions – most basic board, by far

The grand total number of layout revisions I’ve made since I started in earnest in October of 2011 is over 200.

I’ve also been working on the backplane, but it is not quite ready. The SCELBI 8H can be built without a backplane by hand wiring, and I’m likely to build my prototype initially that way, but getting a backplane made sooner rather than later, is not out of the question.

Here is a picture of Curtis’s hardwired 8H (image provided by Curtis)

image of “prototype” Apple 1

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Until I saw this image, I was under the impression that there were essentially three types of Apple 1s.

  • Woz’s hand wired prototype – there may be more than 1 of these
  • Production boards without NTI logo
  • Production boards with NTI logo
  • Now there is photographic evidence of a possible preproduction board with several differences from known production units.

    This unit uses the large orange caps like Woz’s hand wired prototype. In additional to that, upon close examination, this board’s layout appears to differ somewhat from the known production boards.