First Turnout Operating on City Point Model Railroad

Hand Laid Stub Turnout

Hand Laid Stub Turnout

My first turnout on my City Point model railroad is now functional. It currently doesn’t look like much, but after paint and scenery, it should look just fine. I will be interesting to see well it works over time.

Having never hand laid track before, I can’t imagine trying to do this without some sort of fixture. I made the main portion using a Fast Tracks switch fixture and also used their fixture for filing frog rails. The switch fixture also came in handy for soldering the bridles.

The size of this switch is #6, and I’m using code 70 rail. The bridle design is partly from the Fast Tracks stub turnout instructions, partly from some notes that Al Mueller had made (“Making Stub Switch Bridles“). I also incorporated some of my own ideas based on examination of historic photos. The switch is controlled with a Tortoise brand switch machine.

I still have to create the power supply for the switch machines and wire the switch and track. For now I’m using a lab power supply to test operation. I hope eventually that I’m able to connect the throw bar to a model harp switch.

Only 9 more switches to build and install on this module!

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  1. Congratulations. You’re off to a great start.

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