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"A Perfect Sheet of Flame" : A New Version of the "Iron Brigade" Miniature Wargame Rules System

This is the latest version of the "A Perfect Sheet of Flame" rules system, which has replaced the "Iron Brigade" rules system.  These rules are regimental level rules, with a scale of 1:20 figures = actual men and 1 inch = 25 yards real world distance.
Highlights of the changes from "Iron Brigade" to "A Perfect Sheet of Flame":
Free download "A Perfect Sheet of Flame" (in pdf format).
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 Let me know how this would affect your decision to download.

bound rule book coverbound rules - inside

Help support this website, purchase a printed copy of Perfect Sheet of Flame (
Printed in 6x9 format and spiral bound so the rules lay flat on your wargame table.  Copies are $12.50 each.
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Feedback from gamers encouraged

Send an email to if you have feedback for, "A Perfect Sheet of Flame".

About the name change

So much time and so many changes have been incorporated into the rules, that I decided to change the name, so folks don't confuse this new version with the old version.  "Sheet of Flame" is a commonly used metaphor for the appearance of a discharge of a line of black powder muskets or the view of an opposing battleline through the smoke of battle.  I have found this metaphor is used in several different battlefield accounts.  I even found the reference in a battle involving the Iron Brigade, which, I supposes, justifies the name change, a bit more than it would otherwise.

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