Build Your Own SCELBI 8H or 8B Mini-Computer

SCELBI with front panel
Reproduction SCELBI 8H

Part 1 - See The Reproduction SCELBI Run

See my video of my first power on of my reproduction SCELBI and the SCELBI equivalent of "hello world":

Reproduction SCELBI

Reproduction SCELBI 8H, without Front Panel

Part 2 - Reproduction PCBs and Front Panels For Sale

I have laid out and have had made detailed reproductions of the 6 boards needed for construction of a SCELBI 8H mini-computer. 

From front to back, these boards are:
  1. Front Panel
  2. CPU
  3. DBB (data bus buffer)
  4. INPUT
  5. 1K SRAM
  6. Backplane (bottom)
After testing, I have found two issues:
Available PCBs - these are not kits, only PCBs:
Send email with your shipping destination to for detailed information and a shipping quote.

*There are a couple of things to be aware of regarding the reproduction front panels.  In my opinion, they look very good, but on close inspection you can tell that they are not perfect examples of what many people expect from modern machine made goods.  I will try to ship the best looking examples to first buyers, but even the ones with the most defects look very good.  The screen printed legends are rather fragile and can easily be damaged or rubbed off. I recommend you overcoat with some kind of clear satin spray. I have put 3 light coats of Minwax satin spray lacquer on my personal unit and it looks better than without the overcoat. I would do this myself for all units sold, but this sort of process takes a lot of time and care to get it right and it would make any tweaking or customization by the end user more difficult.

After investigating building one of your own, you may come to the conclusion that building a reproduction SCELBI is a bit expensive.  You should keep the following in mind:
  1. Original units are extremely scarce.  I know of less than 20 original units, almost all of which are in the hands of serious collectors or museums.
  2. When original units are sold, they typically sell for around $15,000

8008 micro-processor
Bare Reproduction SCELBI 8H Boardset Mock Up Chassis Configuration

Part 3 - Parts and Construction Information

Cameron Cooper's website, has available for downloading,  all the excellent original documentation needed to build a SCELBI. 

Almost all components are easy find to discrete  parts or 74XX series digital parts.  The exception is the CPU and the 1101 memory chips.  American Microsemiconductor has the 1101s:  I sell 8008's as a bundle with PCBs or they can be found on ebay.
Original parts list (in pdf format) can be found here: Parts List
Component list (in excell format) can be found here:BOM-SCELBI-boards.xlsx

Eventually I'd like to put together a complete guide to the SCELBI, including everything you need to know to build your own, but for now, read though my blog entries to find out about what it takes to build a reproduction SCELBI.   Joining the retro-restore Yahoo group is another way to learn about SCELBI and other retro computers.

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