List of all SCELBI PCBs

I plan to reproduce all the SCELBI PCBs. There are 16 types of boards in all. The 1106-1108 8B boards are practically ready to be made. I’ll probably tell the PCB factory to start on them this week. This will mean that in a few weeks I’ll have 10 of the the 16 boards done. The really good news is that most of the remaining cards are only single width, so reproducing them should go much faster than the double width system cards.

Here is the complete list of the PCBs that SCELBI Computer Consulting made and my reproduction status. The peripheral cards are listed in my most likely order of reproducing them

Main System Cards
1100 CPU – 8H/8B
1101 Data bus buffer – 8H/8B
1102 Input – 8H/8B
1103 Backplane – 8H
1104 Front Panel – 8H/8B
1105 1K SRAM – 8H

In progress
1106 Memory Expansion – 8B
1107 4K SRAM – 8B
1108 Backplane – 8B
1109 PROM – 8B

Peripheral Cards
2104 Teletype interface*

Not started
2105 Keyboard
2100 Oscilloscope digital**
2101 Oscilloscope analog
2102 Audio Tape output
2103 Audio Tape read

* not as high as normal vector boards
** double width vector board

2 Responses to “List of all SCELBI PCBs”

  1. Lionel Theunissen says:

    Looking forward to these Mike! Will you be selling them individually or as a package?

  2. Mike says:

    Both as a package or as individual boards – price per board will be around 50$ each. I have not figured out package pricing.