New Version of SCELBI App for OS/X in Apple App Store

Search for SCELBI in Apple’s app store. This version incorporates emulated Oscilloscope/CRT and Keyboard Interfaces. It also includes an option to switch page 76 of the MEA EPROM between TTY and an Oscilloscope drivers. Since they utilize different I/O ports, emulated hardware support for both is always present.

The emulation is good enough that I was able to completely debug a Oscilloscope driver for the MEA integrated development environment. Once burned into EPROM for a real SCELBI, it worked the first time.

The following screen shot shows the Oscilloscope window displaying a line of 8008 assembly code. Switching between TTY and oscilloscope screens is as easy as selecting the correct tab on the output window.

SCELBI App - version 2.8 with Oscilloscope/CRT Interface

SCELBI App – version 2.8 with Oscilloscope/CRT Interface

Due to the nature of analog electronics, the real oscilloscope display is not near as crisp and legible, as the emulated version. In fact, with the current hardware implementation, the physical device is pretty hard to read. I hope to be able to tweak some of the electronics on the analog board in order to improve things, but I’m not expecting miracles.

This version of the SCELBI app is only available from Apple’s app store and will not be available for free download from my website. The previous version, 2.7, will remain available for free download from my website. The idea with encouraging people to buy the app, is to generate enough revenue to pay for the cost of the annual Apple developer Fees. Without an Apple developer membership, I can’t finish the IOS version of the app.

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