New SCELBI 8B Video

The following link will lead you to a video showing off many of the components of a SCELBI 8B with audio tape, keyboard and oscilloscope interface. It starts with a description of each individual module. Then the components are all “hooked up”. The systems is powered up and some of the capabilities of the SCELBI system are demonstrated.

5 Responses to “New SCELBI 8B Video”

  1. Jeff Tranter says:

    Very interesting Why not put it up on YouTube?

    BTW: Did you see this recent SCELBI video?

  2. Len Bayles says:


    This is so very cool!!! Loved the video. You have done an incredible job! Don’t worry about the video editing. It gives you a better sense of what to expect.

    Going through the video reminds me of how painful it must have been for others when they would come over and see my 8008 run. It would take forever for me to toggle in the simplest program to demo. To me togging in the monitor I wrote and getting it to run was a major accomplishment. Once I could see the keyboard strokes displayed on my video monitor I knew I had a good load. Very few people understood what was happening!

    Today people take for granted everything that makes computers easy to use.

    I can’t wait to get my 8B started. I hope you will get time to get the front panels for the 8B made soon.

    Fantastic job!!!


  3. Mike says:

    I thought about YouTube, but just don’t have time to mess with another form of social media – I do need to make progress on the front panels.

  4. Jack Rubin says:

    Fantastic work and a great demo! Nat would be proud! Glad to have played a small part in this – can we get you to come out to VCF-Midwest with your system?

  5. Bill Sudbrink says:

    Great demo. Sorry I missed VCF East this year but glad to be able to see this.