Reproduction SCELBI 8B demonstrated at the Museum Of Computing History (UK)

I just received this report from David Williams in the UK.

Hi Mike,

Just thought I’d drop you an email to let you know, I took my SCELBI 8B to the Retro Computer Festival at the Museum Of Computing History last weekend. Only a handful of people recognised the system initially but hopefully a few more people are now aware of the history behind the machine.

I spent a good while describing the system to one chap who I later discovered is the guy heading up the EDSAC replica build at Bletchly Park.

I was able to demonstrate the basics of the system using the monitor program to edit & display memory along with entering short programs. I couldn’t get SCELBAL to load due to a RAM fault (Only Identified when I got back home) which was a shame.

I’ve attached a photo of the setup. Terminal being used is a TI Silent 745. The box below the SCELBI is the power supply, Teletype interface to the right and a fast-load box as described in issue 1 & 2 of the SCELBI newsletters.


David William's 8B (reproduction)

David William’s 8B (reproduction)

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  1. Jack Rubin says:

    Very nice – good work by both of you!

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