First City Point Model Railroad Module Benchwork

This is the plan for the first module of my City Point Terminal Civil War model railroad. Additional modules will be added where each track leaves this module.

Model Railroad Engine House Module

Model Railroad Engine House Module

At one point, I was going to model early December, 1864, as the 6th Army Corp returned from the Shenandoah Valley. However, I have decided that the late March, 1865 meeting between Lincoln, Grant, Sherman and Porter right after the battle for Fort Stedman would make a much more interesting moment in time. Besides major leaders, this moment also provides opportunities to depict masses of prisioners, and cavalry movements, as Sheridan’s cavalry passed near City Point upon his return from the valley during this time.

The City Point terminal changed a lot over the period of Army occupation, and this is my best guess of the track layout at that point in time. This map has been edited in Photoshop to reflect differences between Merrick’s original map, which was made after the war and suriviving photos. There are two small buildings between the tracks on the right side of the diagram, that don’t show up on the map, that I will need to add. Also, there were two water tanks, one apparently was replaced by a small building before Merrick’s map was drawn.

My next post will show the benchwork that I have already constructed for this module.

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