Information on Building Your Own Mimeo 1

Mimeo 1

Mimeo 1, version 1.01, built up with a number of hard to find vintage components

Why Did I Build the Mimeo 1:

I did this because I somehow get great satisfaction from reverse engineering these old computers.

Reasons Why You Should Build a Mimeo 1:

If you need me to provide reasons, then you should try something else.  Maybe you don't need to build a Mimeo 1, to enjoy it.   I know of one PCB that was framed and hung on the wall.

Who  Has Purchased a Mimeo 1?

Mimeo 1's have been sold to vintage computer buffs around the world.  Several have been purchased by early and current Apple employees, museums, private collectors, movie producers, as well as original Apple 1 owners. 

Check out feedback, blogs, and webpages created by Mimeo owners

How Many Mimeo 1's Do You Need?

After building their first one, a surprising number of people have bought a second or even a third Mimeo 1.

Before You Purchase a Mimeo 1:

Read this entire page
Read my main Mimeo 1 project page
Read my A1 build blog
Read the assembly and build manual - current version is 1.1

Important Accessories

PS/2 adapter
If you want to operate your Mimeo and don't have a ASCII keyboard available, I strongly recommend you obtain an PS/2 keyboard (with mini DIN connector) and also purchase my PS/2 keyboard adapter kit.  Apple II keyboards can be used through the use of an adapter.  Connecting an Apple II keyboard directly to an Apple 1 (or visa versa) will fry the keyboard!  Vince Briel uses an Apple II compatible pinout on his Replica 1, so keyboards are not interchangible between the Replica 1 and a Mimeo (real Apple 1) without using an adapter.
            Cassette Interface Reproduction
If you want to run programs on your Mimeo,  I strongly recommend you obtain an iPod and purchase a cassette interface reproduction kit.
Datanetic's Rev B
For the most faithful reproduction of a Apple 1 system, build yourself a reproduction Datanetics keyboard.

Ordering and Availability:

I do not have stock and I am not currently selling Mimeo PCBs or  related Apple 1 components.

Contact Corey Cohen over at for information about obtaining a Mimeo PCB.

Individual components might be be purchased from:

Note that I do have SCELBI PCB boards and board sets available - follow this link for details.

Stars and Stripes
Note that I've always had all my PCBs made right here in the USA.

Apple 1 Physical Specifications
PCB dimensions 15.5 by 9 inches
Layers 2
Replica silkscreen fonts custom designed replica fonts
Ordinary trace width 20 mils
PCB holes of all types 1720
Vias 296
Total number of components 221
Sockets 59
Soldered components 162
Different component types 69

Example original Apple 1 Systems seen on Ebay

I've decided to log the ending prices of those auctions I've noticed on this page.
Year Auction Note Selling price
2009 320431509242 buy it now auction $17000.00
2009 320447681957 buy it now auction $50000.00
2010 160413355114 pristine motherboard and accessories $42766.00
2010 320585219846 motherboard and quite a few accessories $22,766.66
2010 Christie's motherboard and accessories (same unit as 320447681957) �133,250 (pounds)/$212,267

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