Great Mimeo Kit News – Kits available soon


The batch of boards I purchased last month were all sold as bare boards, so I’m getting a new batch made up. More than half of those boards went to a company in Los Angeles which turned them into non-functional props for the new Steve Jobs movie starring Aston Kutcher. I’m expecting that that movie will feature some cool looking props, when it comes out.

Anyway the new batch of PCBs will take a couple of weeks to arrive.


I’m excited to announce that there will be some changes for those of you that wish to purchase Mimeo kits. I’ll be selling boards to you and parts kits will be purchased directly from Unicorn Electronics. I’ve sent BOM information to Rob at Unicorn, who is working hard to get all the required parts. Rob tells me that he has most parts on hand, already, but there are a few more to gather. I am really excited about this arrangement, as it should greatly increase the availability of Mimeo’s to the vintage computer hobbyist and free up time for me to work on new projects – a win for everyone. People wanting to build kits would have to take a couple of extra steps to get their kits. I think that this is a small price to pay for increased availability.

Mimeo Assembly Manuals
For hard copy assembly manuals, I’ll probably make it a separate, extra cost option, though I’m also considering using a print on demand service, so you would have to order the manual separately.

Assembled Mimeos
For those of you who want a built up Mimeo, I’m looking into building a few complete systems, with keyboard, enclosure and cassette player. Be forewarned, this sort of system will take a lot of time and money to put together. I haven’t set a price, but the number I have in mind will put it into the luxury item category.

Apple II rev 0 PCBS?
Ordering and putting together kits for Mimeo has been a huge time sink, and this change will allow me more time to work on new projects. If it works out well, I’ll also seriously consider making a new run of Apple II rev 0, reproduction motherboards. Unicorn would become the default parts supplier for that kit, as well.

Simpler Kits
For simpler kits, like the ACI, PS/2 adapter and Brainboard, I will continue to supply the complete kit, just like before.

2 Responses to “Great Mimeo Kit News – Kits available soon”

  1. Ignacio Arango says:

    I’ve been looking forward acquiring my Mimeo for a long time now! I’ll be checking your website daily! Thanks!