First of my “Vintage Digital Radio” Webpages is Up

This is the first of several webpages that I plan on putting up to document my efforts to integrate vintage computer operation with present day HAM activities. It is not currently linked to from my main homepage or other vintage web pages.

This page provides access to one of the first commercial HAM communications packages to be released anywhere. During my explorations of HAM integration with early vintage computers, I ran across several references to a software program released by a CH Galfo. Though I couldn’t find any actual images of the software or documentation, I was lucky enough to make contact with Dr Galfo, himself. Better yet, he was friendly and willing to help make the software accessible to vintage computer people. He sent me a floppy and a hard copy of the documentation, both of which I’ve been able to copy into a web friendly format. Dr Galfo indicated that since there is no commercial value, that you should feel free to copy and distribute.

One Response to “First of my “Vintage Digital Radio” Webpages is Up”

  1. Antoine says:

    Thanks for that!

    I have several HAM floppies around, I’ll copy them